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Heta are a Danish manufacturer based in Lemvig in Denmark of a premium range of contemporary  woodburning stoves.  Featuring stoves from the original cast iron Kosi 6304 4kW, through to a modern range of insets right up to a high end designer range of free standing stoves.  All the stoves feature the latest clean burn combustion technology ensuring high efficiency, excellent controllability and a comfortable radiant and convection heat.

Many of the freestanding stoves have a variety of body cladding options available to create a truly customised look to suit your taste and room requirements which includes steel, enamel, soapstone and ceramic coverings with multiple colours available.....a truly comprehensive range available from a single manufacturer!

Uniquely, Heta offer some of their stoves with Thermastone, a special cement based material which absorbs the heat from the stove and then dissipates it up to 9 hours after the stove has gone out - a perfect combination with a fast heating Heta stove.

Heta have years of experience of producing stoves and have evolved to produce the latest in modern designs incorporating the latest combustion technology and with all new designs, built with fresh air inlets for installation into highly insulated homes.......attractive designs that are future proofed.

Heta are an approved ISO 9001 quality manufacturer, utilising modern manufacturing technologies to design and build stoves to exceed the latest environmental requirements with stoves approved to standards of CE, EN, the more stringent German Din plus and with the SL7, SL500 an the SL800 product range approved to UK Defra requirements for use in smoke control areas.

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Scanline 550 inset
Scanline 7B in roomset
Scan-Line 600_2 mb
Heta SL830 Thermastone
Scanline 6 in fireplace_2
Made in Denmark



SL830 with thermastone


SL800 with oven





SL800 side windows

SL800 side windows

Inspire 40 in fireplace_4

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