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Vision and View

escape with natures own pleasurable heat

Stoves by Jacob Jensen Design make an aesthetic statement in the home...

Heta Vision is a different kind of stove. It does not look like anything you have seen before. And yet, it calls to mind the very best examples of modern Danish design.  

It has been created by Jacob Jensen Design ­ the company that is famous throughout the world for its designs of music systems, telephones, clocks, and other products too numerous to mention.

All the functions are combined in a single column, topped by a large, elegant, curved panoramic window.

The control panel is set in the very centre to ensure you cannot burn your fingers. At the bottom, there is a large compartment for the ash pan and other tools: the poker, heatproof gloves, dustpan and brush, and fire-lighters.

The Heta vision is a particularly efficient and environment-friendly stove and includes the automatic "window rinsing" function, in which a stream of air prevents soot forming on the interior of the window.

An aesthetic pleasure, even when the fire is not lit. However, when the fire is burning brightly, there are few sights as fascinating and captivating.

Heta View

There is hardly anything as captivating to watch as a real fire. The hearth is the most attractive and cosy attraction in the home. That is, when the fire is alight. The physical warmth it provides is, of course, another advantage. Until now, cold stoves and hearths have generally been a nuisance – and not particularly attractive to look at. For some odd reason, designers have only ever devoted their energy to creating furniture, cars, TV sets and hi-fi music systems that are a treat for the eye.

"At Heta A/S, we decided to make stoves that would rank among the most attractive pieces of furniture in the house – even when they were not lit. That is why we contacted Jacob Jensen Design," explains Erik Bach, Managing Director. "We are pleased and delighted with the new stove, which really is an innovation. Neither the TV nor any work of art can captivate and fascinate for hours in the same way as flames can. This stove is sure to become the point of focus for the home".


Vision 1

Vision 2

Vision 3

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