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Welcome to our News Page where you can find out about the latest snippets of information that we would like announce.


1. The Bohemia range has been succcessfully launched into the UK marketplace in June 2006 and has undergone since launch some gradual minor changes to improve various aspects requested by customers. Quality has been further improved as well as technical improvements all aimed as a policy of continuous improvement/development.  A new hardwood wooden handle is now available (at extra cost) which gives our stove a different look.  Launched in November 2007 is the new cast iron door Bohemia option. This will complement our already successful plain door models and is aimed at offering a traditional style stove to our range.  Please cick on the links above to view these changes and improvements.

2. We have lauched a new range of Heta Scanline models based on the already popular Scanline 500 firebox technology.  This includes a taller model (Scanline 510) as well as a model incorporating a soapstone warming shelf and top plate (Scanline 520).  Other new variants include the rectangular shaped Scanline 550 and the unique Scanline Aqua featuring a boiler option in the top of the stove.  Inserts are now introduced as part of the Heta range and offer stylish and contemporary models with high efficiencys.

3. All new Heta products include a provision for fresh air inlets allowing these stoves to be connected directly to an outside wall.  This is useful where the house has been built to a certain “airtightness” or where draughts are not acceptable.

4. Heta now produce the Scanline 7 contemporary series which is a lovely range of 4.5kW stoves incorporating free standing, pedestal and wall hanging unit.  In addition this range us also recommended to Defra for smoke exemption approval.

5. Both the Heta Kosi and Scanline 6 now have a new improved flue outlet collar made from 4mm steel.  This year the Kosi will now ship with the new improved flue collar adaptor.

6. All our stove products will in time be submitted and included on the HETAS guide for approved appliances.  This is important as only approved appliances after 31st July 2007 can be installed by HETAS approved installers.  The Bohemia stove range now has full listing with Hetas and can be seen on their web site and in the installation book.

7. We have continually held stock of stoves to ensure that our customers have had a fast turnaround from placement of order.  If you are having trouble obtaining stock or are generally disappointed with your existing suppliers then perhaps now is the time to start talking to us.

8. We have established a dealer network around the UK and are promoting this network through advertising, exhibitions and of course the use of the internet.  Various advertisements are appearing in well known publications to assist in getting the Pevex growing brand established in the marketplace.

9. We are still actively pursuing dealers for some areas in the UK and welcome any trade enquiries on our stove and fireplace range.  We will support all our dealers with brochures, posters and various POS material.  We try to ensure that dealers are given an exclusive area to market our stove range.

10. There has been a vast amount of publicity on the rising cost of fuel over the last 18 months.  Consumers are continually feeling the effect of increasing energy costs with both gas and oil at record amounts and no sign of it slowing or reversing in the near future.  A woodburner gives a wonderful source of heat at economical running prices.  Wood fuel has generally remained stable in price as it is in abundant supply and readily available and local and sometimes it is free if you are lucky enough to have your own sources.  It is estimated that the initial cost of the appliance can be recuperated within 2/3 years when you consider the ever increasing energy costs.

11. The market in solid fuel heating appliances is increasing, helped in part by the rise in gas/oil prices and the fact that the so called green house effect is finally hitting home with homeowners.  A woodburning stove is carbon neutral, that is to say that the CO2 released in the burning of the wood is equal to the carbon absorbed by the tree in the growing of it.  Not only that but a wood burning stove is a stylish, warm and efficient addition to any room!

12. We launched in June 2008 a brand new range woodburning stoves made by Invicta in France and are the appointed UK distributors for this range. This is a quality made range of 10-18KW cast iron stoves aimed at the discerning buyer with an eye for detail who wants something just that little bit special and different as the range offers some eclectic and unusual designs.

13. We have recently taken on a new salesman to control the North of England.  Any trade sales enquiries can be directed to Steve Nicholson on 07735 632540 or email steve@pevexenterprises.co.uk who will be delighted to discuss new account terms.  All other enquiries then please contact our offices direct.

14. The Bohemia range has now been updated to the “X” range and features new improved firebox technology to give clean burn performance and is now recommended to Defra for use in smoke control areas.

15. We have recently introduced the Bohemia X inset stove suitable for use in a 16”x22” fireplace opening where a chair brick has been used in an open fire situation and there is a need to improve the fireplace performance and efficiency.  This stove burns beautifully and has just been recommended (July 2011) to Defra for smoke exemption approval.

16. A new Bohemia X 60 (6-7kW) inset convector stove has been launched which offers greater heat output and has been designed to make installation a complete dream.  This stove features a large glass windowed door, clean burn firebox and twin baffle system.  Please contact us for further information.

17. A new Bohemia slimline Inset (3kW) will be launched in August 2011 that is designed to fit into a shallow 16”x22” milner fireback.  The stove will have a depth of only 185mm allowing it to retrofitted into an existing fireplace where a gas fire may have been used.  Details will be posted on this site in due course. 

18. The Serenity 4O and 50 inset stoves have been launched which are a brand new UK designed and built  multifuel stove range.  We have recognised that there is a definite need for a product that is built specifically for our UK fireplaces and which is both easier to install and the correct size for  our slim UK fireplaces.  The Serenity range answers these questions as it was designed from the ground up and incorporates some wonderful design features as well as being a high performance, controllable and efficient stove unit.  Furthermore the Serenity 40 has now (July 2011) been recommended to Defra for smoke exemption approval allowing it to be sold into all major towns and cities throughout the UK, Scotaland, Wales and Ireland.

19. Over the last 12 months we have invested into a program of achieving smoke exemption (Defra) approval on our stove range.  In July 2011 we have received notification that 18 of our stoves have been recommended to Defra which include the following: Heta Scanline 7 and 500 series, 800 series, Serenity 40 and Bohemia X 40 Inset.  This is a major achievement and gives us a comprehensive range of 22 stoves from traditional to contemporary that  can be sold into major towns and cities throughout the UK, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.  Further stove units will be submitted to grow our portfolio and ensure that we have a stove unit to suit every application.

20. Pevex are a friendly and forward looking company continually innovating and introducing new and certified product to the marketplace.  We carry over 7 brands of products which means that we have something for everybody.  In 2011 we will introduce a further 10 new stove models to our range which will grow our impressive portfolio to a very comprehensive level.  We listen, we act and we include recommendations and advice that we receive.  If you are a stockist who is feeling alienated or not being heard then join the Pevex family and receive excellent product and first class support and help.

21. We will be exhibiting at the Hearth and Home exhibition 2013 in Harrogate which will see the launch of 12 new models to our range.  We look forward to meeting you and discussing our extensive range.


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