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Heta Komfort Cast Iron
Woodburning and Multi Fuel Stove

escape with natures own pleasurable heat

Heta Komfort 6318 with convector panels 5-8KW

The Komfort is a classically styled cast iron stove with a large panoramic window and just a touch of nostalgia.  Available in either radiant or convector body versions at 5 - 8KW rated output they are ideal for the larger room.  Their traditional lines disguise the advanced combustion technology employed in the firebox to ensure clean burning.  The standard specification includes wood burning grate, skamolex  lined fire chamber to increase the temperature and improve the overall efficiency, high capacity ashpan and top/rear flue connections.

Available without convector side panels and with legs only as shown below.

Unique double fronted option also available with airwash controls on both sides

Approved to EN13240

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Komfort Convector 6318 specification

Nominal heat output KW


Output range KW


Heating area  m2


Flue outlet mm


Weight kg


Firing load kg


Door opening cm


Min. chimney draw

0,14 pascals

A = 155mm

B= 505mm

D= 390mm

H= 840mm

C= 750mm

Weight = 140KG

Heta Komfort 6308 with legs 5-8KW

The Komfort radiant body stove is offered without the convector panels and has the choice between standard 100mm legs or long 250mm legs as shown in the picture to the left.

A wonderful clean lined cast iron stove incorporating Danish quality with unrivaled firebox technology.

Output 5 - 8KW

A = 155mm

B= 505mm

D= 375mm

H1= 715mm standard legs

H2= 865mm long legs

C= 700mm

Weight = 140KG

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