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Serenity 40 and 50 Inset Stoves
UK Designed and Built

escape with natures own pleasurable heat

Serenity 40 thumb

Serenity 40 4.5KW Inset stove
Recommended to Defra July 2011

Serenity 50 thumb

Serenity 50 6-8KW Inset stove

The Serenity 40 and the larger Serenity 50 are brand new UK designed and built Inset stoves featuring modern and contemporary styling with the black bordered glass window, clean burn performance and cutting edge design.  The stoves can either be mounted at hearth level or indeed in a  raised position in a hole in the wall situation and finished off with the multiple frame options that are available.  The stoves are quality built units and offer high efficiency with their Skamolex lined fire chambers, controllability and multifuel performance.

The smaller Serenity 40 (4.5kW) is designed to be installed into a 16” x 22” opening with a depth of only 13.5” whilst the larger 50 requires a hole size of 21” x 22” ht and the same 13.5” depth.  Both stoves are a cinch to install with their offset flue collar and easy cassette installation.

The Serenity 40 has now been recommended to Defra for use in smoke control areas and the 50 will in time also be submitted.

Recognising the problems associated with these type of products and knowing the problems that the installers are facing, we embarked on the project to build a quality product from the ground floor up to design out the flaws normally associated with these types of stoves.  Certainly European made stoves are simply not adaptable to our British fireplaces which require slimline models and generally low outputs.

Our design solutions have not only made these products an absolute dream to install but we built in a host of features ensuring that the stoves’ perform exceptionally well. 

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