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Serenity 50FS 6kW Freestanding stove

escape with natures own pleasurable heat

Serenity 50FS in roomset

The Brand New UK made Serenity 50FS 6kW is a large full glass windowed contemporary stove giving an impressive view of the fire burning brightly in the stove.  With its large capacious firebox, the stove will happily burn either wood or solid fuel and produce a wonderful and enjoyable 6-8kW of convection and radiant heat.  Top secondary air wash and side primary air controls give beautiful control of the fire whilst tertiary air ensures complete and efficient combustion of the fuel producing very little smoke emissions.

The Serenity 50FS has built in heat exchange tubes in the firebox scrubbing the flames of further useful heat before they disappear up the chimney.  This ensures faster and more efficient heat transfer, allowing the room to warm far quicker.

A beautiful high quality steel stove, designed and produced in the UK, that will look great whether installed in a fireplace or a freestanding open plan setting.

98027-7 (Serenity 50)

Serenity 50LS Log Store 6kW Stove

98027-6 (Serenity 50)

Serenity 50FW Full Glass window 6kW Stove

Serenity brochure_thumb

New UK Serenity freestanding
and Inset range brochure (590KB)

Technical data






Nominal output



Range rating



Flue outlet diameter


125 mm top

Heating area


30-140 m2



85 kg

Distance to flammable materials 









behind with opt heat shield fitted



to furniture



Width of wood chamber



Max log length



Dimension in mm


656 x 575 x 380 mm (HxWxD) 

Distance of centre of top flue outlet to rear edge of stove



Colour options


Satin Black

Efficiency when burning wood


78% (net)

Efficiency when burning solid fuel (approved smokeless fuel such as Ancit or brown coal)


80% (net)

Can be installed on a 12mm hearth

CE mark, EN13240,  application to Defra to be made

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